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RD stands for Reduced Depth – so this speaker will fit into tighter spaces than the standard CCM663. A shallower cone and a redesign of the easy-fit QuickDogs™ frame reduce the depth to a more usable 90mm, while retaining everything that makes the CCM663 such a great in-ceiling speaker. The familiar-yet-discreet dark blue Aramid fiber cone of the bass/midrange driver delivers a stunningly clean, detailed response. This, combined with the pivoting aluminum dome tweeter for adjustable off-axis treble response and three-position EQ, make this one of the most versatile custom speakers around. If preferred, the supplied round grille can be replaced with an optional, square CCM663 grille.


5-year manufacturer's warranty

Video Review:

RD – Reduced Depth
This RD (Reduced Depth) speaker is specially designed to fit tighter spaces. A shallower cone and redesign of the QuickDogs frame reduces the mounting depth from 133mm to 92mm – a saving of more than 40mm. This can make all the difference in shallow ceiling voids.

Still the highest quality sound – from above
Despite the narrow depth, the CCM663 RD still sounds exceptional. With speakers in studios around the world, including Abbey Road, Bowers & Wilkins have an outstanding reputation for sound quality. Featuring a Nautilus, swirl loaded, aluminum tweeter, and blue Aramid Fibre woofer, the CCM663 RD’s speaker spec matches its top-quality cabinet speakers. The Nautilus provides exceptional detail and crisp and uncompressed response, right the way to 50,000Hz. The Aramid Fibre cone matches power and control for exceptional realism – right down to 35Hz.

Tilt-adjustable tweeter for precise detail
Fitted with pivoting tweeters in both speakers, getting the perfect soundstage is easy with these Bowers & Wilkins ceiling speakers. The tweeters tilt by up to 30 degrees, letting you angle them to precisely the best spot – usually your sitting area in the room. The more directly aligned the tweeters are with your ears, the more detail you hear – simple!

Optimised EQ
Working with the adjustable tweeters, the three-position equalizer optimizes the response for superior off-axis sound. This means that, even when you’re not in the listening ‘sweet spot’, you’ll still get the best-balanced sound possible.

Unobtrusive design
Once in place, these easy-to-fit ceiling speakers look sleek and unobtrusive. The flush-fitting grilles offer an ultra-low profile against your ceiling and can be painted to harmonize with your décor.
Enjoy the best sound, from the tightest spaces, with the Bowers & Wilkins CCM663 RD.

Technical Specifications:

Speaker Type

Ceiling Speaker

Frequency Response (Hz)

35 - 50,000

Impedance (ohms)


Power Rating (Watts)


Sensitivity (dB)


Ceiling Speaker


Cut out




Dimensions WxHxD (mm)

240 x 92 (99mm inc protrusion)

Weight (KG)