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The CWM663 features a blue Aramid fiber bass/midrange driver housed in a die-cast chassis which provides the extra rigidity to provide a cleaner, faster bass. Its aluminum tweeter also incorporates a Nautilus™ tube to absorb unwanted sonic radiation. The CWM663 also utilizes a three-position high-frequency switch to fine-tune the sound. The speaker is incredibly easy to install incorporating QuickDogs™ and plug-and-play functionality.


5-year manufacturer's warranty

Video Review:

The best sound – built-in
The Bowers & Wilkins CWM663 gives the advantages of renowned Bowers & Wilkins sound quality from an unobtrusive, in-wall design. Ideal for stereo sound in small to medium-sized rooms or as part of an ultra-discreet, top-quality home cinema system, the CWM663 speakers just fit right in.

Highest quality sound – from the wall
With speakers in studios around the world, including Abbey Road, Bowers & Wilkins have an outstanding reputation for sound quality. Featuring Nautilus, swirl loaded, aluminum tweeters, and blue Aramid Fibre woofers, the CWM663’s speaker spec matches its top-quality cabinet speakers. The Nautilus provides exceptional detail and crisp and uncompressed response, right the way to 50,000Hz. The Aramid Fibre cone matches power and control for exceptional realism.

Optimised EQ
Working with the Nautilus tweeters, the three-position equalizer optimizes the response for superior off-axis sound. This means that, even when you’re not in the listening ‘sweet spot’, you’ll still get the best-balanced sound possible.

Unobtrusive design
Once in place, these easy-to-fit, in-wall speakers look sleek and unobtrusive. The flush-fitting grilles offer an ultra-low profile against your wall and can be painted to harmonize with your décor.
Enjoy an in-wall speaker with no-compromise sound. Enjoy the Bowers & Wilkins CWM663.

Technical Specifications:


2-way in-wall system

Drive units

1x ø25mm (1in) Nautilus tube loaded aluminium dome tweeter

1x ø150mm (6in) blue Aramid Fibre cone bass/midrange

Frequency Range (-6dB)

45Hz – 50kHz

Recommended Amp Power

25 – 150w

Sensitivity SPL (2.83V, 1m)


Impedance Nominal (min)

8Ohms (4.5Ohms)

Frame height

315mm (12.4in)

Frame width

221mm (8.7in)

Cut-out height

279mm (11in)

Recommended Back Box


Cut-out width

183mm (7.2in)

Depth behind surface

95mm (3.7in)

4mm (0.2in)

Pre-mount Kit


Back Box





CI 600 Series


2-way in-wall system


8Ohms (4.5Ohms) - min