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Despite its compact dimensions, DB3D delivers astonishingly powerful, controlled bass thanks to its twin 8-in Aerofoil™ drivers, 1000-watt amplifier, and digital signal processing.


2-year manufacturer's warranty


  • 1000w Class D Hypex amplifier
  • 2 x 200mm (8 in) Aerofoil™ cone drive units in a balanced configuration
  • Digital preamplifier with Dynamic EQ
  • App-based set-up and BT-LE control

Video Review:

Power packed

DB3D's tight, powerful, dramatic bass and compact size make it the perfect match for the 804 D4 and 805 D4 speakers.

The perfect match

DB3D's ultra-rigid low-resonance enclosure comes in three finishes to match 800 Series Diamond and 700 Series loudspeakers.

More bass, less space

The compact model packs a mighty punch. Controllable, dramatic bass from a subwoofer so small it fits almost anywhere: DB3D is a space-saving high-performance design.

Nimble and powerful

Solid, dramatic bass is delivered through the rigidity and lightness of the uniquely-shaped, variable thickness Aerofoil™ cone.

A question of balance

The back-to-back (opposed) drivers cancel out cabinet resonances, ensuring all that power is used to create room-shaking bass, not wasted vibrations.

The digital advantage
Digital amplification is cool-running and energy efficient, even when working hard, while Dynamic EQ and Room EQ ensure a precise sound for music and movies.

Take control
By placing control in the palm of your hand, the B&w subwoofer only makes the DB Series subwoofers a snap to see and it also helps maximize your sound quality.

Completely belying its compact dimensions, the DB3D is a miniature powerhouse and plumb depths of LF that no box of these dimensions has any right to. The performance is super-thigh-speed fast and carries a weighty punch with LFE and two-channel stereo.

Technical Specifications:


Height: 360mm (14.1 in)

Width: 320mm (12.6 in)

Depth: 300mm (11.8 in)

Net weight



DB Series Subwoofer

Drive units

2 x 200mm (8 in) Aerofoil™ cone drive units in a balanced configuration

Frequency range

-6dB at 8.5Hz - 500Hz

Frequency response

10Hz - 350 Hz -3dB (centered on level at 100Hz)

Max Power output



2 x XLR

2 x RCA

2 x 3.5mm 12V trigger

RS-232 - 9-pin D connector

Cabinet finishes

Gloss Black

Satin White


Grille finishes