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Bass is a vital element in our enjoyment of sound. It’s true for both music and movies, and it’s as true for custom installation as it is for an audiophile’s two-channel hi-fi. The ISW-3 is an incredibly versatile and compact in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofer, capable of providing high-quality bass output in spaces that may have previously missed out on this vital element, including kitchen cabinets! Its balanced design, featuring 2 x 165mm (6.5in) drivers, means that it can be placed in a variety of locations without causing vibrations. Powered by a separate audiophile-standard 250W Class D amplifier the SA250 Mk2, the system keeps its cool even when you listening to demanding movie soundtracks at high volumes


2-year manufacturer's warranty


Then the new ISW-4 in-wall subwoofer is the product for you. Its two long-throw 200mm drivers allow the ISW-4 to move large volumes of air needed for high-quality low-frequency output but is nicely hidden away inside a wall

Video Review:

Custom Install Passive Subwoofer:
The Bowers & Wilkins ISW-3 is an incredibly versatile and compact passive subwoofer, capable of providing high-quality bass output in spaces that may have not been possible before. It can be placed in a variety of locations without causing vibrations. The ISW-3 houses two 6.5" paper/aramid fiber cone woofers with a rubber surround

Installation Options:
The Bowers & Wilkins ISW-3 passive subwoofer offers four possible installation applications - In-Ceiling, In-Wall, Under-The-Floor, or Kitchen-Cabinet. Four angled "L"-brackets will secure the passive subwoofer enclosure in place.

The passive subwoofer will fit between joists with standard 16" or greater spacing, such that the visible louver straddles the gap between them. A clearance of 10" or greater behind the underside face of the joists is required.

The passive subwoofer is too deep to fit into a standard nominal 4" thick wall but may be fitted into custom furniture or closet that accommodates its depth and that has studs with standard 16" or greater spacing. In most situations, the visible louver will be required to be low on the wall, just above the skirting board. In that case, the cabinet will be oriented with the cowl at the bottom.

Technical Specifications:

Amplifier power output


Drive Units

2 x 200mm (8 in) Paper/Aramid Fibre cone

Finishes Available

Semi-matt white suitable for customising or pre-painting

Frequency range

-6dB at 17Hz and 290Hz adjustable (EQ at A)

Frequency response

±3dB 21Hz - 200Hz adjustable (EQ at A)


200W 8Ω (minimum 6.3Ω)

Inputs / Connections

2x RCA Phono socket, line in , 2x RCA Phono socket, link out , 1x XLR socket, line in , 1x XLR socket, link out , 3.5mm jack - 12V trigger on/standby (overrides manual standby setting) , - 3.5mm jack - 12V trigger equalisation movie/music


"1x Neutrik® Speakon® 4-pole speaker socket , - 2x pairs of Binding Posts"


Pre-mount kit for new construction,

Net weight

6.4kg (14.1lb)

Product dimensions

Dimensions - Height: 494mm (19.5 in) Width: 264mm (10.4 in) , Cut-out size - Height: 485mm (19 in) Width: 255 (10 in)