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DNP Supernova One Fixed Frame Projection Screen (84" to 120")

by DNP
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Ooberpad presents the award-winning DNP Supernova One Fixed Frame Projection Screen which combines the superior image quality of optical rear projection with the minimal space requirements and installation ease of front projection. The advanced optical technology gives avenue for new prospects for quality viewing in brightly lit surroundings such as conference rooms, shopping centres and exhibition halls. When it comes to home entertainment purposes, it eliminates the need for a dedicated darkened room.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic viewing
  • Screen sizes of up to 120” in 16:9 format and 110” in the 16:10 format
  • Up to 7 times higher contrast than conventional front screens
  • Projection in brightly lit environments
  • Compatible with all standard projectors
  • Supernova 23-23 or ISF certified Supernova 08-85 screen material
  • Special sizes and formats available on request
  • 4K compatible
  • Award-winning screen technology

Benefits of DNP Supernova One Fixed Frame Projection Screen

Optical Front Projection Screens

Gone are the days when you have to operate with conventional front screens with contrast ratios in the range of 2-3:1 at 500 LUX ambient light which are traditionally associated with dark rooms, curtains and window blinds. They reflect ambient light as much as the projector’s light, creating poor contrast levels which can eventually result in eyestrain and make it very hard for the audience to concentrate. Introducing the DNP Supernova One which is the world’s first front projection screen to break the 15:1 contrast barrier and is the empirical standard for acceptable contrast. It delivers clear, crisp images with full colour saturation and prevents eyestrain regardless of viewing position.

Vivid & Sharp Pictures with up to 7 times the contrast

The DNP Supernova One is revolutionary in every manner. It is perfect for brighter ambience and it features an active high-contrast filter, the screen reflects the projected image while effectively absorbing ambient light. This manifests into vivid sharp pictures with up to 7 times the contrast and double the brightness of conventional front projection screen images.

Flexible & Easy Installation

When it comes to the DNP Supernova, compatibility is not one of is the issues. This amazing projection screen is compatible with all standard table or wall-mounted projectors and is available in two types of screen materials: ISF-certified Supernova 08-85 for high contrast and extreme viewing angles or Supernova 23-23 for high contrast and high brightness. The Supernova is extremely easy to install and can be suspended from the ceiling as well. Moreover, the screen is available in two elegant frame alternatives: silver grey aluminium or black aluminium. The flock on the screen ensures easy image size calibration upon installation. Also, the screen is delivered with the frame factory-mounted for easy installation. To make the whole installation and setting-up process easier, the only two wall-mount brackets need to be screwed into the wall before the screen can be hung. The screen comes permanently laminated to a rigid aluminium backing plate that ensures a perfect, flat screen surface for high-end image quality without wavering.

Technical Specifications of DNP Supernova One Fixed Frame Projection Screen:

Brand & Model DNP Supernova One
Projection Principle Front
Screen Design Fixed Frame
Maximum Size in 16:9
Maximum Size in 16:10
Pre-assembled Yes
Screen Surface Hard
Available Screen Materials Supernova 08-85 / Supernova 23-23