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Elac B5.2 vs B6.2 comparison

Elac B5.2 vs. Elac B6.2 Speakers: Detailed Specifications and Comparison

In comparing the Elac B5.2 and Elac B6.2 speakers, the primary differences lie in size, frequency response, and woofer dimensions. The B5.2 has a slightly more compact design and a frequency response of 46Hz-35000Hz, coupled with a 5-1/4" Aramid Fiber woofer. The B6.2, on the other hand, features a broader frequency response of 44Hz-35000Hz and incorporates a larger 6-1/2" Aramid Fiber woofer. Both models share similar aesthetics, tweeter type, and maximum power input, ensuring quality sound from either choice.

Comparison Table: Elac B5.2 vs. Elac B6.2

Specifications Elac B5.2 Elac B6.2
Enclosure Type 2- Way Bass Reflex 2- Way Bass Reflex
Frequency Response 46Hz – 35000Hz 44Hz – 35000Hz
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms 6 Ohms
Sensitivity 86db @2.83v/1m 87db @2.83v/1m
Crossover Frequency 2200Hz 2200Hz
Max Power Input 120 Watts 120 Watts
Tweeter 1″ Cloth Dome 1″ Cloth Dome
Woofer 5-1/4″ Aramid Fiber 6-1/2″ Aramid Fiber
Cabinet Material CARB2 Rated MDF CARB2 Rated MDF
Cabinet Finish Black Ash Vinyl Black Ash Vinyl
Port Dual Flared Dual Flared
Binding Posts 5 – Way Metal 5 – Way Metal
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.09″ x 13.43″ x 9.21″ 7.69″ x 14.76″ x 10.55″


When it comes to high-quality speakers, Elac speakers has always been a brand audiophiles trust. Two of its popular models, the Debut B5.2 and Debut B6.2, are often at the center of debate. Which one offers better value? Which one should you invest in? In this comparison, we'll delve into the nuances of each model to help you make an informed decision.

1. Size and Appearance

Elac Debut B5.2: Slightly smaller in stature, the B5.2 offers a compact design that can fit comfortably in more modest-sized rooms or spaces. Its aesthetics are sleek, giving it a modern appeal. Elac Debut B6.2: The B6.2 is the bigger brother, offering a slightly larger build. This size can result in a more commanding presence both in terms of sound and aesthetics.

2. Sound Quality

Elac Debut B5.2: Known for its detailed midrange and tight bass, the B5.2 shines when it comes to delivering clear vocals. It's perfect for genres where vocals are at the forefront or for dialog-heavy movies and shows. Elac Debut B6.2: With a larger cabinet, the B6.2 can produce deeper bass and has an extended low-frequency response. It's more suitable for larger rooms or for those who want a richer bass experience without adding a separate subwoofer.

3. Price

While prices may vary depending on the retailer, in general: Elac Debut B5.2: Tends to be more budget-friendly, making it a great choice for those looking for quality sound without breaking the bank. Elac Debut B6.2: Being the larger and more powerful model, it generally comes at a slightly higher price point. For audiophiles wanting the best bass response and room-filling sound, this might be worth the extra cost.

4. Best Use Cases

Elac Debut B5.2: Ideal for smaller rooms, apartments, or spaces where you want quality sound without overwhelming bass. It’s also great for dialog-driven content.

Elac Debut B5.2 Speaker

Elac Debut B6.2: Suited for larger rooms or open spaces. If you're setting up a home theater and want more robust sound, this model would be a better choice.

Elac Debut B6.2 Speaker Price


Both the Elac Debut B5.2 and B6.2 offer fantastic value for their respective price points. Your decision should hinge on room size, desired bass response, and budget. If you want a more compact, vocal-centric experience, the B5.2 is your pick. For those wanting richer, room-filling sound, the B6.2 is the way to go. Whatever your choice, Elac ensures quality and performance.

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