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Designed for down-firing, in-ceiling use, CCM7.5 S2 can be used as the left, center, right, and rear-channel rear speakers in a discreet home cinema system. Its configuration includes a 25mm (1in) Carbon Dome tweeter and a 180mm (7in) Continuum cone mid/ bass cone angled to the mounting surface, allowing for easy direction of the whole array towards the listener to ensure they hear the correct balance of sound. That way, dialogue is crystal clear, and special effects come across accurately. Thanks to Bowers & Wilkins's unique QuickDogsTM fixing method, installation is simple and if preferred, the supplied round grille can be replaced with an optional, square grille.


5-year manufacturer's warranty


  • Carbon Dome tweeter
  • Continuum mid/bass

Video Review:

This is a very serious in-ceiling speaker. If you own a 700 series B&W speaker or even some of the top-of-the-line 800 models, you probably know all about the Continuum mid/bass driver they use. B&W developed this special driver a few years ago for their new 800 models and has been moving its great tech into more affordable products like the 700 series.

We were impressed to see the S2 version of the 7.5 added this tech with a 7” version of it. The great news for home theater is in the CCM 7.5 S2, the entire driver assembly is at an angle, so you simply rotate the entire speaker at the listening area when you install it.

Even more impressive is just how low bass response this speaker can reach. Their 3dB down point is 32 Hz which is incredible for an in-ceiling speaker! These move up to the same Carbon Dome tweeter found in the 700 series. For more information on the great tech in these, check out our full overview of the 700 S2 series.

Needless to say, the CCM 7.5 S2 is ideal for Atmos height channels in a serious B&W home theater system. For those of you wanting to do an all-in-ceiling 5.1 system in a family room, 3 of these across the front with their angled enclosure can serve you well as your main front channels and simply add another pair for the rears.

Technical Specifications:


2-way in-ceiling system

Technical Features

Carbon Dome tweeter

Continuum mid/bass

Drive units

1x 25mm (1") Carbon Dome high-frequency

1x 180mm (7") Continuum cone mid/bass

Frequency range (-6dB)

-6dB at 25Hz - 33kHz

Frequency Response -3dB

32Hz - 28kHz ±3dB


90dB spl (2.83Vrms, 1m)

Harmonic distortion

2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)

<1% 70Hz - 33kHz

<0.5% 100Hz - 28kHz

Impedance Nominal (min)

8 Ohm (Minimum 4.8 Ohm)

Recommended amplifier power

25W - 150W into 8 Ohm on unclipped program

Recommended Back Box


Square Grille Option (Sold Separately)


Approximate Dimensions

Frame Diameter: 11.4"

Depth (Behind Surface): 5"

Cutout Diameter: 10"

Protrusion: 0.33"

Approximate Weight

Unit: 6.83 lbs

Shipping: 10 lbs




700 Series, Cinema 7 Series Marine Series


2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)

<1% 70Hz - 33kHz

<0.5% 100Hz - 28kHz


1x ø25mm (1in) Carbon Dome high-frequency

1x ø180mm (7in) Continuum cone mid/bass

Frequency Response

32Hz - 28kHz ±3dB

Frequency Variance

-6dB at 25Hz - 33kHz


8Ohms (4.8Ohms minimum)


90dB spl (2.83Vrms, 1m)

Total Amp Power

Recommended 25W - 150W into 8Ohms on unclipped program


Carbon Dome tweeter