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Dialog primarily enabled the synchronization of all Phantom Premier systems, from one Phantom Premier solo to many Phantom Premier in multi-room under Devialet Operating System 1.</br></br>

With the upgrade to our new Devialet Operating System 2, Dialog is not necessary to synch up all Phantom anymore. However if upgraded as well, Dialog could still serve as an optical input, or an AirPlay enabler.


1 year manufacturer's warranty


  • Dialog is the Hub that allows you to connect wirelessly several Phantom together, from 2 Phantom to 24 Phantom, to create Hi-Fi or Multi-Room systems
  • Dialog allows you to play online streaming services such as Deezer or Tidal through Wi-Fi with the App Phantom (available on App Store and Android Store)
  • Dialog is not necessary to play online streaming services through Bluetooth

Video Review:

Cutting-Edge Features to Bring Actual Change
Devialet Dialog primarily enables the user to synchronize all its Phantom Premier systems. So, you can connect from one Phantom Premier solo to many Phantom Premier in a multi-room setup under the Devialet Operating system. The best part about Devialet Dialog is its up-gradation to a new Operating system. Devialet Operating System 2 has brought incredible versatility to the customers. It is no more necessary to synch up all Phantom devices anymore. Devialet Dialog still serves as an optical input or an AirPlay enabler to the customer.

The Devialet Dialog comes with a 4-core processor of 1GHz (Freescale iMX6), a 2 GB DDRAM, and a 4 GB FLASH. The Devialet Dialog comes with a Gigabit Ethernet Switch and a USB hub. The Devialet Dialog has three crucial interfaces for the user- 1 Gbps ETH port, one optical input, and one port USB2. The small hub offers absolute network stability, whether in duo or multiroom mode. You can control all your Phantom systems instantly and simultaneously using Devialet Dialog. It transmits audio data through PLC, and the audio is delivered to rooms where your regular Wi-Fi signal cannot reach. So, all you get is absolute stability.

Technical Specifications:


  • Processor 4 core - 1GHz (Freescale iMX6)

  • 2 GBytes DDRAM / 4 GBytes FLASH


  • 220 mm x 47,5 mm x 111 mm 


  • 590g


  • 1 x 1Gbps ETH port

  • 1 x optical input


  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • 3 x Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz (802.11abgn) 1 x PLC 500Mbps (HomePlugAV) 


  • Synch up all your Phantom systems in less than 20µs. 

  • High performance WiFi network 2.4GHz + 5GHz + PLC with each Phantom

  • Proxy and NAT management to create a stand-alone network for each individual Phantom

  • Online music streaming service management

  • AirPlay compatibility with the latest Dialog