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Fyne Audio F57SP-6 Centre Speaker

Original price Rs. 199,900.00 - Original price Rs. 199,900.00
Original price
Rs. 199,900.00
Rs. 199,900.00 - Rs. 199,900.00
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Color: Piano Gloss Black

Country of Origin: Scotland

Designed to integrate seamlessly into the smaller F500SP or F700 models, the F57SP-6 is a compact centre channel loudspeaker capable of commanding a leading role in any movie. Based on our latest 6” (150mm) point source IsoFlare driver coupled with a matching supplemental LF driver and electromechanically damped ABR, this compact centre speaker delivers exceptional clarity for dialogue and multichannel music, underpinned by the power to drive all-action movies to blockbuster levels. Neatly designed to be powerful yet unobtrusive, the F57SP is our easiest to integrate premium centre channel loudspeaker.


3 years manufacturer's warranty


  • F57SP-6 is a compact center channel loudspeaker that seamlessly integrates with F500SP or F700 models.
  • The speaker is designed to take a prominent role in any movie setup.
  • It utilizes a 6 point source IsoFlare driver along with a matching LF driver and electromechanically damped ABR.
  • The compact design ensures exceptional clarity for dialogue and multichannel music.
  • It has the power to elevate action movies to blockbuster levels.
  • The F57SP is a powerful and unobtrusive premium center channel loudspeaker.
  • It is designed for easy integration into any setup.

Video Review:

Driver configuration
Each F57SP model integrates three identically sized drivers in the horizontal form factor cabinet, but that is where the driver similarities end. The central unit is our premium IsoFlare point source driver, merging a 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter with a multifibre mid/ bass cone terminated in our flagship FyneFlute technology roll surround. Being a sealed cabinet for practical installation in home cinemas, the LF response is augmented by a supplementary bass driver operating below 250Hz.

To perfectly integrate with Fyne Audio F500SP and F700 Series loudspeakers, F57SP models use the very same crossover architecture and construction. With precision components selected to get the very best from the smaller cabinet enclosure and ABR loaded design, the crossovers feature low loss LF laminated core inductors and Claritycap high grade HF polypropylene capacitors, hand soldered onto a self-damping fibreboard panel. All internal wiring is Van den Hull high purity silver plated OFC copper for the most transparent signal transfer.

Tuneable LF damping
The third driver in the substantial F57SP baffle is an auxiliary bass radiator (ABR) to further enhance the LF performance. Unlike traditional ABR designs that use simple cone suspension to control the tuning and damping, the Fyne ABR has a full voice coil and magnet assembly that offers controllable electromagnetic damping of the cone. At the flick of a switch, users can select damping for a ‘Free Space’ speaker position or the ‘Boundary’ to better compensate for the boundary gain in the LF from close to wall placement.

Fyne Audio’s point source driver technology is ideal for centre channel loudspeakers whether you are watching movies, a super series from Netfilix or the lastest multi-channel Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio track from Apple Music. IsoFlare’s unrivalled communication, coherent timing and pure isotropic energy radiation make for unrivalled clarity, timbre and accurate representation of both actor’s voices and singer’s vocals.
At the heart of the F57SP drivers is a 25mm magnesium diaphragm compression driver driven by a potent Neodymium magnet system. The driver combines the smooth and unstressed performance typical of a magnesium diagram with the unrivalled dynamics of a compression driver. The HF output is further enhanced by the IsoFlare’s computer optimised waveguide that ensures optimal expansion of the HF wavefront into the listening space.
Built into a rigid cast aluminium chassis the IsoFlare’s LF engineering includes Fyne’s latest multi-fibre cone material to give outstanding midrange performance, terminated with the famous FyneFlute roll surround for unrivalled energy termination and low colouratin across its operating frequency response. The result of IsoFlare engineering is true full range output from a point source driver, delivering unparalleled clarity and articulation from arguably the most critical loudspeaker in any multi-channel system.

With point source IsoFlare drivers at their heart, the F57SP models already have a unique advantage over traditional loudspeaker designs adapted for a horizontal format speaker. Built from high density fibreboard and extensively braced to increase rigidity, the cabinet and drivers are coupled together internally using a unique energy absorbing damping material. The result is a very low colouration cabinet that works in harmony with the driver design to delivery all the performance of our full size F500SP/ F700 loudspeakers in a compact, horizontal cabinet for centre channel applications.

Designed, built and hand finished by Fyne’s craftsmen in the UK, the F57SP models have been finished to complete any F500SP/ F700 based multi-channel loudspeaker system. Finish options include Piano Gloss Black and Piano Gloss White, alongside the luxurious gloss lacquered real Walnut veneer to harmonise with the premium finish on the F700 Series. Small finishing details across both models include custom binding posts, subtle black driver surrounds and bump on feet to steady and protect both speaker and furniture.

Technical Specifications:

System Type 2 ½ way with adjustably damped ABR
Recommended amplifier power (Watt RMS) 30 - 180
Peak power handling (Watt) 360
Continuous power handling (Watt RMS) 80
Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m) 91dB
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency response (-6dB typical in room) 47Hz- 34kHz
Drive unit complement 1 x 150mm IsoFlare™ point source driver, multi-fibre bass/ midrange cone, FyneFlute surround with 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system. 1 x 150mm bass driver, multi-fibre cone, FyneFlute surround. 1 x 150mm ABR, multi-fibre cone, multi-fibre cone, FyneFlute surround.
Crossover frequency 250Hz & 1.7kHz
Crossover type Bi-wired passive low loss, 2nd order low pass, 1st order high pass
System adjustments Electromagnetically damped with free space and boundary settings.
Dimensions - HxWxD 210 x 600 x 250mm (8.3 x 23.6 x 9.8”)
Weight - Each 15.2kg (33.5lbs)
Finishes Piano Gloss Walnut / Piano Gloss Black / Piano Gloss White
Cabinet Construction Pressed high density MDF, internally braced