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Musical Fidelity LX2 HPA - Headphone Amplifier

Original price Rs. 52,000.00 - Original price Rs. 52,000.00
Original price
Rs. 52,000.00
Rs. 52,000.00 - Rs. 52,000.00
Current price Rs. 52,000.00
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Color: Black

Country of Origin:

Musical Fidelity has extensive experience making super headphone amps, the LX2-HPA builds on our decades of experience to deliver a great performer with beautiful, restrained and tasteful aesthetics.


1 year manufacturer's warranty


  • The LX2-HPA will easily drive any commercially produced headphone. It's high current delivery and excellent stability margins result in completely uncoloured neutral performance.
  • Distortion at less than 0.0035%, wide band is vanishingly low and certainly inaudible.
  • Bandwidth extends to about 80kHz and even at 40kHz the distortion remains well below 0.05%. A remarkable achievement.
  • The outstanding noise ratio of better than 112dB means that the music comes from a true 'black velvet' background field.
  • Stereo separation is excellent and assures a rock solid imaging experience. Talk about 'adventures in inner space!

Video Review:

A headphone amplifier is like a small power amp, relative to the load (the headphones) the technical requirements are similar: Excellent load tolerance, high stability margins, low distortion, wide bandwidth, low noise, excellent channel separation.

The LX2-HPA gives a sensual monitor level listening experience. Completely uncoloured sound delivered with virtually limitless dynamic range from a black velvet background, and perfectly placed spatial imagery.

Technical Specifications:

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%
Signal / Noise Ratio >80dB
Power Requirement 12 - 24V 100mA Regulated
RCA Input 1pr RCA sockets
RCA Output 1pr RCA sockets
Headphone Output (6.3mm) 1 stereo jack socket (6.3mm)
Headphone Output (3.5mm) 1 stereo jack socket (3.5mm)
Power Input DC Jack (1.3mm inner pin, outer diam. 3.5mm
Length (including terminals) 197mm
Width 172mm
Height (including feet) 46.5 mm
Unit alone 1.05Kg
Unit with packing 1.50Kg
Included accessories
Power Supply 12V 500mA

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