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The Q Acoustics 7000Ci Centre Speaker is identical to the Left and Right models aside from it being mounted horizontally and therefore delivers a seamless soundstage for the listener. Adding the compact, satellite center speaker to your system will ensure you hear all the detail you were meant to, whether it be the music or movies you are listening to. The 7000Ci is a 'style' speaker Centre channel The Centre Speaker enclosure is an attractively designed D-shaped aluminum casting.


1-year manufacturers warranty


  • The integrated table stand/wall bracket of the new 7000Ci center channel loudspeaker attaches to the center of the cabinet, allowing it to present horizontally. It is also identical to the 7000i L+R models and therefore delivers a seamless soundstage for the listener.
  • Enclosure Type: 2-Way Sealed Enclosure, Enclosure Material: Aluminium, LF Units: 2 x 3" Long Throw (Neodymium), HF Unit: 1" Ring Radiator (Neodymium), Power Handling: 15 - 100W, Sensitivity: 85 dB @ 2.83V (Free Space), Impedance: 6 Ohm, Frequency: 95Hz - 20KHz, Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 115 x 207 x 160(mm)

Video Review:

Precision Drivers
The Centre Speaker 2 x 75mm drivers are mounted in a D'Appolito configuration around a 25mm HF ring radiator. The driver configuration creates a virtual point source, perfect for cohesive voice reproduction. The 7000Ci is also perfectly matched to the other speakers in the 7000i range, other than the mounting bracket, the 7000Ci Centre Channel is acoustically identical to the7000i Left, Right, and Rear Channel Speakers delivering a perfectly stable soundstage to the listener.

Fit & Finish
The Centre Speaker comes with a table mount and a ball joint permits angling it in a wide variety of directions. It is also possible to hang it from the ceiling using the keyhole screw head fixings in the base. The table mount doubles as a wall bracket by revolving it 180 degrees on the ball joint and using the key-hole fixings to attach it to screws in the wall, again permitting the speaker to be pointed across a wide solid angle. The Centre Speaker is available in both white and black finishes.

Technical Specifications:

Enclosure Type

2-Way Sealed Enclosure

Enclosure Material


LF Units

2 x 3" Long Throw (Neodymium)

HF Unit

1" Ring Radiator (Neodymium)

Power Handling

15 - 100 W


85 dB @ 2.83 V (Free Space)


6 Ohm


95 Hz - 20 kHz


115 x 207 x 160(mm)


1.6 Kg