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Sonos Boost - Wireless Extender for Sonos

by Sonos
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Create a dedicated WiFi network for your Sonos system and enjoy uninterrupted listening.

Simply connect Boost to your router, and it will create a separate network free of any potential interference from other devices.


1-year manufacturer's warranty


Compatible with most Sonos speakers
To establish a wireless network for your existing speakers.

Dedicated wireless network
Helps deliver reliable streaming performance.

Compatible with Apple Music
Gain access to over 30 million songs and let experts handpick music you'll love based on what you listen to.

Surround-sound capability
Lets you connect PLAYBAR to SUB and rear speakers via the wireless network for an immersive, easy-to-setup system (speakers not included).

3 antennas
Broadcast 360° signals through walls and ceilings for efficient long-range coverage to most rooms in your house.

Video Review:

The Sonos system

The Sonos wireless sound system is simply one of the best-sounding, most reliable and highly flexible there is. Although separate Sonos components can link by Wi-Fi, the highly stable Sonos wireless mesh system also plays its part. Freed from the constraints of standard Wi-Fi, the Sonos wireless system with Boost is probably the most robust and reliable there is.

Sonos control
Controlling the Sonos system couldn't be easier. Download the dedicated apps for your smartphone or tablet - both Apple iOS and Android are catered for - and you're good to go. You can either stream music stored on your device, from a local network share or take advantage of music streaming services such as Spotify, Napster and With the veritable selection of music sources available on Sonos, there's simply no need to buy 'physical' music again!

Although the Sonos system works without the need for a BRIDGE or BOOST, the most robust and highest quality wireless connection is still guaranteed by either of these. As the most powerful wireless product built by Sonos, the BOOST is ideal for larger homes, homes with thicker internal walls or any environment where your standard Wi-Fi system can struggle.

Get the most reliable and rock solid wireless connection yet with Sonos and enjoy the BOOST!

Technical Specifications:






Australian Manufacturer Warranty


Product Dimension (H×W×D)

33 x 115 x 115 mm

Product Weight

0.191 kg