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SVS Sound PB-1000 Pro 12" 325 watts RMS (820+ watts peak) Subwoofer - Black Ash

Original price Rs. 133,500.00 - Original price Rs. 133,500.00
Original price Rs. 133,500.00
Rs. 133,500.00
Rs. 133,500.00 - Rs. 133,500.00
Current price Rs. 133,500.00
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Country of Origin: USA

Dive into an unparalleled audio experience with the PB-1000 Pro. Crafted with precision and commitment to quality, this subwoofer promises to elevate your cinematic audio journey. Discover its standout features:

  • Room-Shaking Output: Experience powerful sound even below the usual hearing range.
  • Exceptional Value: Surpasses performance expectations, especially at its price.
  • Redesigned 12-inch SVS Driver: High-excursion capabilities for deeper sound.
  • Robust Sledge Amplifier: Over 325 watts RMS, peaking at over 820 watts.
  • Dual-Port Cabinet Design: Delivers clean, distortion-free bass.
  • SVS Subwoofer DSP Smartphone App: Convenient tuning and control at your fingertip



5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Inspired Subwoofer Engineering for Uncompromised Performance.

The new SVS 1000 Pro Series features technology breakthroughs from the 16-Ultra Series, 4000 Series, 3000 Series and 2000 Pro Series. This technology joins with exclusive 1000 Pro Series innovations to set a new standard for subwoofer performance value. More people than ever can now enjoy room-shaking bass below the threshold of human hearing with unerring accuracy and control.

12-inch SVS High-Excursion Driver – Room-shaking bass with subtlety and refinement.

Substantially upgraded from the previous 10-inch 1000 Series driver design, the PB-1000 Pro features a reimagined 12-inch high-excursion driver with dual ferrite motor assembly. Capable of moving massive amounts of air with crisp precision, the added surface area provides a major performance upgrade over the previous model and features multiple enhancements.

  • Fiber composite cone with exceptional stiffness-to-mass-ratio generates huge SPLs while starting and stopping on a dime with crisp precision.
  • Proprietary injection molded extreme-excursion surround ensures flawless pistonic motion for pinpoint control and accuracy without distortion, even at the highest drive levels.
  • Dual ferrite magnet motor assembly with extended aluminum polepiece produces effortless on-demand driving-force for subtle and over-the-top bass thrills.
  • Powder coated FEA optimized driver basket provides maximum rigidity, tensile strength, and thermal energy transference.
  • Dual layer voice coil design enhances linearity and fidelity at full excursion while minimizing distortion and power compression.

Sledge STA-325D Amplifier – Effortless power with sophisticated control.

Conservatively rated at 325 watts RMS, 820+ watts peak power, the Sledge STA-325D amplifier maximizes the full potential of the 12-inch driver with effortless power and precise control. The innovative design combines the efficiency of a Class D amplifier with the ability to move colossal amounts of current through the fully discrete MOSFETs for outstanding real-world subwoofer performance at all drive levels, in any room, allows easy integration with any home theater or stereo speaker system.

  • High Current Output from Fully Discrete MOSFETs coupled with efficiency of Class D amplification allows the Sledge STA-325D amplifier to produce massive amounts of current enabling immense output with surgical precision.
  • Sophisticated 50Mhz High Resolution Analog Devices Audio DSP is the most advanced digital processor ever used in a subwoofer and maintains pristine sound quality through advanced in-room tuning, powerful DSP controls, custom presets, and more.
  • Optimized frequency response curves for the ported PB-1000 Pro cabinet allow the subwoofer to take control of a room and completely pressurize it with accurate, heart-pounding bass.

PB-1000 Pro Smartphone App – Easiest way ever to manage subwoofer DSP and control.


The most convenient way ever to control volume, access multiple DSP functions, and program custom presets for one-touch tuning optimized for music, movies, gaming, and more. Adjust crossover frequencies, dial-in the three-band parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and more, all from your favorite seat.

  • Connects via Bluetooth for convenient control even when subwoofer is out of sight.
  • Saved custom presets for one-touch tuning with optimized settings based on listening preferences for movies, music, and more. All accessible from a single touch.
  • Variable port tuning modes with customized frequency response curves for “Standard” and “Sealed” allow tuning for maximum output or deep bass extension and transient speed.
  • 3-band parametric EQ controller allows precise adjustments for boost or cut, Q-factor, and frequency down to the single Hz level with so users can customize performance by eliminating peaks, nulls and other room issues.

Rear Panel Intelligent Control Interface (ICI).

The rear-panel SVS Intelligent Control Interface (ICI) provides control options and connections for the subwoofer’s most critical functions.

  • Level Control to fine tune the overall output level that best matches the system and room
  • Low pass filter control to ensure smooth sonic transitions and seamless blending with the main speakers
  • Phase control to align the subwoofer’s output timing with the main speakers or additional subwoofers
  • USB port also provides power for the optional SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter which eliminates the need for a cable run to the subwoofer from the source component.
  • RCA Audio Interconnect Input for use with most AV receivers and preamplifiers
  • Speaker Level Stereo Inputs for use with older legacy receivers

Acoustically Inert and Rigidly Braced Ported Cabinet Design.

Classically handsome, the acoustically optimized ported cabinet features extra-thick MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing for a resonance-free environment. Serves as a blank canvas for uncompromised subwoofer performance.

  • Dual port design allows for maximum airflow without distortion, enhancing the quantity and quality of bass output at all drive levels
  • Acoustic insulation eliminates all coloration from the cabinet, even when the deepest low frequencies are played at reference volume
  • Protective non-resonant extra-thick ABS grille frame with fabric mesh cover shield driver to prevent damage while ensuring longevity
  • Reinforced internal bracing for resonance free performance at highest drive levels
  • Custom iso-elastomer screw-in feet reduce noise artifacts and improve stability

Technical Specifications:

Subwoofer Type


Enclosure Type


Amplifier Power Rating

  • 325 W RMS
  • 820 W Peak


1 x 12" / 30.5 cm

Voice Coil

1.5" / 3.8 cm


2 (Front-Firing)

Frequency Response

17 to 260 Hz (±3 dB, with All Ports Open)

19 to 260 Hz (±3 dB, with All Ports Sealed)

Amplifier Class



  • 1 x Stereo RCA Input (LFE)
  • 1 x Binding Post Pair Input
  • 1 x Stereo RCA Output
  • 1 x Binding Post Pair Output
  • 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Input (12 V Trigger)
  • 1 x USB Type-A (Service/Wireless)

Input Impedance

  • RCA: 16 Kilohms
  • 20 Kilohms

Phase Adjustment

0 / 45 / 90 / 135 / 180°

Wireless Connection Protocols




AC Input Power

220 to 240 VAC, 50  Hz

Power Consumption

0.5 W (Standby)

Placement & Mounting Options


Floor Contacts

Rubber Feet

Cabinet Material



Cloth Mesh (Removable)

Cable Length

Power: 6' / 1.8 m

Operating Temperature

113°F / 45°C


  • 15 x 18.9 x 20" / 380 x 479 x 509 mm (with Grille)
  • 15 x 18.9 x 19.2" / 380 x 479 x 488 mm (without Grille)


42.5 lb / 19.3 kg (with Grille)

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