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Totem Acoustic KIN Sub 8" Subwoofer

SKU Totem KIN Sub (black)
Original price Rs. 81,900.00 - Original price Rs. 81,900.00
Original price
Rs. 81,900.00
Rs. 81,900.00 - Rs. 81,900.00
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Color: Black

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Mark Twain famously said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of fight in the dog.” Totem concurs, and nothing exemplifies the quote more than the marvelously compact and enormously powerful KIN SUB 8.

Its wonderfully contradictory characteristics are enabled by innovative technology and ingenious engineering. The 8” Reinforced Fiberglass Woofer and oversized, vented magnetic structure initiate profound bass impact. Powered to thunderous perfection by our dynamic 200W digital amplifier, KIN Sub 8 strikes the perfect balance of musicality and brute force.

Easy to integrate into any lifestyle and perfectly appropriate for any application, KIN Sub 8 will accentuate the bass excitement of every music, movie, or gaming experience.


2 years manufacturer's warranty


  • 8” Reinforced Fiberglass woofer with aluminum voice coil
  • 200 watt Class D high efficiency amplifier
  • Variable volume / phase / frequency adjustments for pinpoint accuracy
  • Slot Ported for Extended low frequency capability

Video Review:

Customized Drivers
Bespoke Acoustic Engineering
Every single driver is completely unique to Totem and proprietary in design, engineered by Totem and then manufactured to the strictest standards to meet our parameters by the finest raw driver suppliers in the world. In some cases, where the technology is beyond the capabilities of suppliers or is wished to kept secret, Totem can and will build our own drivers. Every driver exhibits phase linearity, speed, emotion, off axis natural presentation, and spatial articulation.

Uniquely Designed Amplifiers
Specifically conceived for one job
Each Totem subwoofer amplifier is designed with a specific set of parameters for a single goal; to power the particular drivers within its given enclosure, all designed in tandem. Simply put, each Totem subwoofer amplifier is unique. As unique as every Totem driver. They are designed in tandem so they work harmoniously and with ultimate efficiency, attaining the maximum from each other. Throughout the design process the amplifier is tweaked and modified until it perfectly combines power and musicality.

Bass Reflex Enclosure
Slot Port
The slot port is methodically designed to tune the enclosure to the lowest possible frequency, while maintaining impact, musicality, and depth. It tunes the cabinet in the same manner a port tunes a speaker, and allows the subwoofer to produce size defying bass.

Ultra Low-Profile Anti-Resonance Feet
Eliminate unwanted vibrations
These feet help acoustically isolate the cabinet from the floor, preventing resonances, vibrations, and other unwanted effects that can have negative effects on the performance. It is strongly recommended that they be used so the subwoofer can perform at its full potential.

Technical Specifications:

Design: Powered Subwoofer
Enclosure: Slot ported
Amplifier: Class D 200 watts
Woofer: 8” Reinforced Fiberglass cone with Butyl rubber surround.
Voice coil: Enamel resin coated copper wire wound on a vented aluminum former
Frequency response: 29 Hz – 200 Hz
Crossover: Variable from 40Hz to 120Hz, 24dB/Octave
Phase: Variable from 0 to 180 degrees
Volume: Variable
Inputs: Stereo RCA/LFE
Power modes: Auto/On
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 11 7/32” x 10 7/16” x 11 1/2” / 285mm x 265mm x D 292mm
Weight: 16.4 lb / 7.5 kg